DVD No Gi 2007 World Championships

DVD No Gi 2007 World Championships

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2007 No Gi World Championships 2 DVD Set

Format:       DVD NTSCNTSC
Languages:  English
Length:       Approx 6.5 Hrs

Other info:  All region DVDRegion

and so it begins…  

When the first annual No Gi World Jiu Jitsu Championships landed in
downtown Carson, California’s Cal State Dominguez gymnasium, it
brought a monster with it. A monster called Monson.  

The two disc DVD collection you now hold in your hand is a piece of history;
an eye witness account of  this inaugural event being born. Get ready to be
taken down, and swept into submission by more then 6 ½  hours of No Gi
mat-action and EXCLUSIVE interviews conducted by the staff of Gracie

Super Heavyweight controversy! Absolute redemption! Watch all the drama,
and get inside all the conflict of this epic contest the way only a Cryo
DVD release can bring it.  

Featuring master Jiu Jitsu players Bill Cooper, Pablo Popovitch, Fabio
Leopoldo, Wilson Reis, Rubens Charles, Naoya Uematsu, Christiano Lazarini,
Vinicius Pezao, Bruno Paulista, Jeff Glover, Daniel Moraes…and the
“Snowman” himself, Jeff Monson!

And so it will go on…

Featured matches include

Disc 1
Black Belt

Open Round 1
Daniel Agular vs Matheas Costa
Bill Cooper vs Wellington Dias
Cristiano Lazzarini vs Leonardo Gomes
Fabio Leopoldo vs Wilson Reis
Lucas Leite vs Roberto Abreu
Rubens Charles vs Naoya Uematsu
Roberto Camargo vs Wagner Rocha

Open Quarter Finals
Bill Cooper vs Wilson Reis
Jeff Monson vs Daniel Agular
Rubens Charles vs Roberto Camargo

Semi Finals
Bill Cooper vs Cristiano Lazzarini
Roberto Camargo vs Jeff Monson

Bill Cooper vs Jeff Monson

Black Belt Finals

Super Feather
Samuel Braya vs Caio Terra

Rubens Charles vs Shane Rice

Jeff GLover vs Daniel Agular

Daniel Moraes vs Pablo Popovitch

Medium Heavy
Marcel Louzada vs Luke Stewart

Fabio Leopoldo vs Roberto Camargo

Super Heavy
Crisitano Lazzarini vs Vinicius Magalhaes

Super Super Heavy
Bruno Rodrigues vs Jeff Monson

Women's Feather
Bianca Barreto vs Felicia Oh

Women's Middle
Hannette Stack vs Emily Kwok

Disc 2
Best Matches Black
Johnny Ramierez vs Fernando Spadaccia Neto
Joseph Capizzi vs Caio Terra
Caio Terra vs Leandro Escobar
Diego Moraes vs Wilson Reis
Rubens Charles vs Renan Borges
Rubens Charles vs Magno Gama
Shane Rice vs Diego Moraes
Phillipe Della Monica vs Daniel Agular
Jeff Glover vs Jao Sabrinho
Jeff Glover vs Joao Silva
Bill Cooper vs Christian Uflacker
Rodrigo Texeira vs Lucas Leite
Bill Cooper vs Daniel Moraes
Lucas Leita vs Pablo Popovitch
Marcel Louzada vs Tony Eduardo Lima
Alexandre Ferreira vs Fabio Leopoldo
Maetheus Costa vs Roberto Camargo
Vinicius Meghaleas vs Roberto Abreu
Bruno Rodrigues vs Ricardo Barros
Jeff Monson vs Jose Mario Esifha

Best Matches Brown
Kim terra vs Kahili Moreland
Denny Propokos vs Joel Tudor
Clark Gracie vs Pablo Alves
Clark Gracie vs Sean Apperson

Best Match Purple
John Blaylock vs Chris Holdsworth
Chris Holdsworth vs Ted Vida
Ryan Hall vs James O'Connor
Ryan Hall vs John Carson
Joseph Guiterrez vs Vinicius Agudo
Kayron Gracie vs Joseph Guiterrez
Giacomo Zanini vs Jason Selva

Budo videos
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DVD No Gi 2007 World Championships

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