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We have been in the fighting industry since 1995 and that has made us professionals in the field.

For us, the import of fighting equipment started in 2001 when BJJ started to be practiced in Finland and their training uniforms were not available throughout Europe at that time. The first imports were made in the name of the Turku Ju-jutsu Association, but it quickly became clear that association activities and business had to be separated so that the association would not lose its public benefit status, and for this reason, it was decided to establish a company 100% owned by the Turku Ju-jutsu Association in 2004, and its name was TJJS Kamppailuvarustus Oy.

Because we were alone in the BJJ market at the beginning and its sales grew rapidly at the same pace as the sport's popularity increased and other clubs also started buying BJJ suits from us and the activity was formed right from the beginning as a wholesale operation in the industry. BJJ suits was the one that started the whole business for us, and after that the product range was also expanded to include the sports practiced in the Turku jujutsu club, and today we can consider ourselves a professional in the field of Thai-Kickboxing, MMa, BJJ and Hokutoryu jujutsu.

TJJS Kamppailuvarustus Oy knows exactly what kind of combat equipment should be, if the product does not meet it, it will be removed from our product range very quickly. There are two levels of products in the selection, the affordable and the top product in the field, but even the affordable must meet certain criteria, so not everything is suitable for sale to us.

TJJS Kampailuvarustus Oy has tried to negotiate with the best brand manufacturers in the field also for products that are made without the Brand manufacturer's logo, and then the aim is to get the same top product on the market at a lower price, and these products are called Kampailuvarustus Private Label

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Tommy Malmberg, CEO